Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Whew! It seems a bit dusty in here! Can't believe it's been over a year since I've added anything to my neglected little blog.

A few interesting things have happened in our family since my last post. Like the addition of a sweet baby girl named Channing Grace, who is now nine (!) months old. I finally got to have my much-longed for med-free labor and delivery at a local birth center. It was perfect. Miss Channing already has a big ol' personality to match her big blue eyes. We love her to pieces.

Tonight I'm trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to help my dad set up a blog for a prayer ministry he is launching. And it makes me miss recording snippets of our life in this place. I'd like to come back. Maybe I'll even share some pictures of our Halloween. My darling two year old daughter insisted on being a minivan. A green minivan. As it turns out, they don't sell green minivan costumes in a size 3T at Walmart. Or even on Amazon. Can you believe that?

So Jeff and I made a minivan. It probably took close to twelve man hours. She wore it for nearly four minutes. But we got a few pictures. And in 25 years, that's what will matter.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flashlight Fun

Our good friend Ridge came over to play this afternoon and we discovered that flashlights (thankful to have two!) + dark room + camera = wicked cool pictures!

Some of our favorites:

Bennett wanted to take a turn as photographer as well. I was nervous to hand over my camera, but he did a great job!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Piggy Tale

One of the items that has been reoccurring addition to Bennett's "Wish Wish" recently has been a pig. As far as I could gather, this meant a piggy bank, probably inspired by the snarky porcine character on Toy Story. The details of the desired pig varied from a one with polka dots to a big blue pig and once a pink pig with flowers.

The other day, as I put away clean laundry in Dayton's room I looked up and discovered, much to my delight, a ceramic piggy bank long ago tucked away on an upper closet shelf. The "My First Bank" pig was pink, decorated with a baseball, glove and bat and even filled with money! It had been displayed in Bennett's nursery but hadn't found a home in his big boy room, so I'd put it away and completely forgotten about it.

When I came downstairs and shared the discovery with my little guy he was absolutely beside himself with joy. Soon after unveiling the gift of the century, I sent the following photo and text to Jeff:

"Look what I found! B is over the moon. "Was this on my wish wish??" Dreams can come true..."

B was completely enamored with his pig. He wanted it with him at every moment. It rode in his carseat as we ran errands, but had to wait in the car rather than accompany us into the store. It sat next to him as he used the bathroom. It perched on the table to watch us as we ate lunch. I offered many warnings that the pig was breakable and admonishments to be careful. He was. Bennett dutifully carried the beloved vessel with two hands at all times and walked instead of ran as he toted his new best friend.

Unfortunately, he is three. And the son of an extremely klutzy mother. So, round about 4:30 in the afternoon, Jeff received this text:

"Uh-oh. So, so much sadness."

Bennett was absolutely devastated. It broke my heart to hold him as he mourned his long-awaited pig, departed too soon, tears dripping off the end of his nose and wailing "but I was careful!". When he finally calmed enough to discuss the options, we agreed to use some of the money from his bank to buy a new, less breakable pig. I scoured the internet for plastic piggy banks and planned to purchase one first thing the next morning. As I put Bennett in bed for the night he reminded me to help him find a plastic pig when he woke up. One with polka dots.

My dear son has never been so keen on getting dressed to leave the house as he was the following morning. We had to wait for sleep-loving Dayton to wake up and and eat breakfast, but as soon as possible we were out the door in search of a new pig. Happily, the Container Store delivered, and we found multiple colors of plastic piggy banks from which to choose. Sadly, none of the pigs were polka dotted. But Bennett overcame his disappointment and agreed to allow me to add polka dots in his choice of paint colors once we arrived home. Soon, my son and daughter were both proud owners of shiny new piggies.

He chose his paint colors (blue, yellow and black) and helped me pick colors for Dayton's pig (white, pink and purple). During nap time I set to work painting polka dots. B was satisfied with the results.

And then, just a few hours after nap, another tragedy.

More wailing and woe. Fortunately for us all, this was not a fatal injury. Jeff made a quick trip to the store for super glue and I performed reconstructive surgery. The only evidence of Piggy the Second's brush with death is that Bennett is now aware that plastic does not equal indestructible and no longer tosses his pig in the air while jumping on the couch.

Bennett and Dayton both greatly enjoy their piggies. B kindly donated some of his change to his little sister so she could practice her fine motor skills by inserting five pennies in the slot, begging me to open the bottom, retrieving the change and repeating the routine fifteen hundred times a day. Bennett enjoys emptying the contents, replacing 1/5 of the coins and leaving the rest strewn about the floor for me to slip on or the vacuum cleaner to eat. We're still working on that "value of money" thing.

So far, we have now survived two whole weeks with zero pig-related mishaps. For that I am extremely grateful. And so are the pigs.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Consumer

It seems that upon turning three, my dear son has become quite the little consumer. I long for the days before he realized that everything at Target could hypothetically belong to him if he could simply convince me to put it in the cart. He suddenly has long lists of needs and wants that he constantly places before me, the provider of all things plastic and entertaining.

"I want [whatever toy/candy/sports equipment he sees on the store shelf]. Let's get it now. Just one, Mommy! I only want just one!"

"Can we go to the store right now and get [a red soccer ball, a track excavator, a replacement for the "Doc" car he lost]? I don't have that!"

"I need [a big Buzz Lightyear, more dinosaurs, a Batman costume] like [Chapman, Elliott, Ridge]!"

I'm doing my dardnest to teach gratitude for what we have, that things cost money and the value of a dollar. But it seems to be falling on deaf ears. And I grew tired of arguing about every little item he wants or trying to explain that he has to wait seven months (or nearly 20% of his current lifespan) before Christmas arrives. (In addition, I don't want the anticipation of Christmas to be all about gifts.) So, I have introduced the idea of a Wish List, or "Wish Wish" as Bennett calls it. He now requests that I add a coveted item to his "Wish Wish" and usually that is the end of the discussion for a little while.

I'm not sure when he expects his Wish List dreams to be fulfilled, but it seems that the simple act of me acknowledging his desire and promising to consider the purchase of said item in the future makes a surprising difference in his attitude. The things that are just a passing fancy will be mentioned once and quickly forgotten, but those he's really taken a shine to will pop up multiple times. ("Big Buzz" is on the wish list probably 57 times.) So, although I don't have a good, physical LIST of everything he's mentioned in the past five months, those most important things are being drilled into my memory via repetition.

I'll keep working on the gratitude and value of money thing. But for now, the Wish Wish is saving me a little piece of sanity. And maybe (just maybe?) teaching my little consumer something about delayed gratification. We shall see!

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's gonna' take some kind of super miracle for me to become anything resembling a regular blogger again. But these were too cute not to post. Love those boys.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheaters Catch-Up: February

I've used homemade cleaners for two years now...I wonder how long before the smell of vinegar recalls something besides dying Eater eggs. 12:09 PM Feb 4th

Listening to B help Jeff tell his favorite bedtime story: The Drive. "Mark Jackson for the TD! Go Broncos!" Not exactly calming, but sweet. 6:07 PM Feb 6th

M&Ms + $4 wine + Wii = fun and klassy in-home date night 8:37 PM Feb 6th

Dear darling daughter, you are miserable because you need to sleep. We will all feel better if you can close those big brown eyes and rest. 1:09 PM Feb 8th

Perusing Borders Books, I was feeling self conscious about my annoyingly sqeaky shoes. Until another patron began playing the harmonica. 7:35 PM Feb 8th

Today's adventures included twice climbing to the top of Chick-fil-A play tower & once crawling under a public bathroom stall. #neverdull

Finally reading Peterson's Understanding Exposure. 72 pages in and I'm feeling more confident and more confused. Think I need a study buddy. 8:36 PM Feb 9th

So sad this morning to find a huge pot of leftover soup on the counter instead of in the fridge. What a waste! 6:37 AM Feb 10th

B insisted on wearing his big boy pants to bed last night & just woke up clean and dry! We rewarded him with this. 5:20 AM Feb 11th

Snow (day) fort! 9:09 AM Feb 11th

Snowy day nap-time crafting (it's a hair clip): 1:02 PM Feb 11th

House = disaster area, I'm tired and not at all ready to leave town tomorrow. But I loved this snow day w/ my favorite people! So thankful! 10:02 PM Feb 11th

At a soda shop in Grandbury, TX @jeffeparker and I count the inappropriate uses of quotes and apostrophes. Ex: You will "love" our panini's. 3:46 PM Feb 13th

Alien preachers, orangatan masters and chicken eye protectors making me cry from laughter during a riotous game of Balderdash w/the Jacksons 8:55 PM Feb 13th

As a native Texan, I was shocked by what a gruesome scene the melting snow leaves behind. 3:11 PM Feb 14th

I'm not caught up to live tv yet (so no spoilers please!) but is anyone else annoyed/irritated by the ice skating commentators? #olympics 9:00 PM Feb 18th

Still much giggling and chatter from my 11th grade girls, but I've officially pooped out and said goodnight. Great night. So tired. 12:24 AM Feb 20th

Attending two baby showers this weekend so its time to get my craft on. Project 1: soft blocks (that jingle!). 12:04 PM Feb 22nd

Date night!! 5:03 PM Feb 22nd

For a baby bear (no peeking, Fitzhughs!): 1:13 PM Feb 23rd

@desibrown is it possible birthdays keep getting harder on a momma? I'm way more sentimental about B's upcoming 3rd than I was on his 1st. 6:28 PM Feb 25th

Last night of hanging with my sis in Abilene. We're topping off our time together with a little flash-back fun. 6:10 PM Feb 26th

· So I just recieved an email from myself (same account) with the subject "forms" and seven attachments. What?? 9:48 PM Feb 26th

Cheaters catch-up, January

I don't expect anyone to read this, but for posterity I'm posting my Twitter/Facebook updates from the past few months. (Idea unabashedly ripped off from Chrys.)

It only requires my phone and a few seconds to capture everyday moments and share them via these I throw stuff out there on a fairly regular basis. This is not a comprehensive look at everything (or even anything) interesting or important that has taken place, rather simple snapshots of our life that I want to have to look back on later.

*For some reason all the time stamps seem to be in Pacific time. Just to clarify how kooky I truly am, I will confess that in my head Perfectionist Girl is hollering at me that I have to change them all to match the times these were actually posted. But I'm not going to do that. (You hear that PG? NOT DOING IT!) I've already spent way too much time fixing typos, reformatting these so they go in chronological order and getting the photos to display.

Texting @jeffeparker important bowl game updates (like my shock at the girth of a coach's rear end) since he is reading in bed as I watch.
9:33 PM Jan 2nd

Too fussy for the nursery this morning so we are eating cheerios hanging out by the fire. 8:00 AM Jan 3rd

We begin tomorrow. For real. Pray for me. 7:40 PM Jan 3rd

Potty Training Day 1 is on! We began with b'fast on the Happy Day plate, a candle to blow, "Happy Big Boy Day" song and tiny boxer briefs. 5:48 AM Jan 4th

I always feel a little sad during the Route 66 flashback scene in Cars. 8:33 AM Jan 4th

Head's up Dallas: Northpark AMC no longer allows outside food or drinks. I will miss noshing Chick-fil-A in front of the big screen. 10:02 PM Jan 4th

PT day two: It was a rough morning but he stayed dry ALL afternoon! B insisted on sleeping in his big boy pants (now over his diaper). 6:42 PM Jan 5th

B's version of Cars: 1st race thru Radiator Springs arrival, the "silly part" (cow tipping), and final race. Done. No dialogue needed here! 12:23 PM Jan 6th

Small group concert. She's awesome for three weeks of self-taught practice! 7:23 PM Jan 6th

Up late with sad, shivering, hacking little boy. Sincerest apologies to my friends and their babies we inadvertently germed this afternoon! 10:51 PM Jan 6th

Apparently a terrifying, shadowy menace now inhabits my bedroom. Cuddling my imaginative, feverish toddler in his (small) safe bed. Tired. 12:52 AM Jan 7th

Blustering wind proclaims the arrival of frigid weather. Profoundly grateful all my loved ones are warm tonight. Praying for the homeless. 1:20 AM Jan 7th

My Words w/ Friends icon is my digital laundry hamper. As soon as I think I'm caught up there are a dozen more items to deal with. Oh my! 6:10 PM Jan 7th

Aww, I'm so happy for little Gilbert! I feel like a nervous momma for the kid. 8:12 PM Jan 7th

Hang in there, Horns! 8:43 PM Jan 7th

RT @Amburnett73: How to help homeless in the cold- #cnn It's easier to toss out $1 and say "God bless", but please don't. 9:13 AM Jan 8th

Of all the slimy, gross and/or stinky duties that come along with having small children, I think dealing with snot is my least favorite. 7:39 AM Jan 11th

I'm just going to go ahead and save the number to poison control on my phone. Never know when it might be needed. Again. 9:13 PM Jan 11th

We were out of the house all morning and Bennett kept his big boy pants dry! This potty training thing may work out after all! 10:53 AM Jan 12th

I always get a kick out of ads in the newspaper's coupon section. This week : a man-girdle! (a mirtle?) 3:01 PM Jan 12th

I am pretty amazed that my two year old can accurately identify left and right. I may have been seven or eight before getting that straight! 7:29 AM Jan 13th

So the "what's on hand" taco soup was good last night but the leftovers are GREAT! Must remember what I put in there and write it down. 9:47 AM Jan 13th

Rough morning around here has me wondering: Which comes first, the impatient mommy or the uncooperative child? Afraid it is often the former 10:31 AM Jan 14th

Sincerest apologies to all my Words With Friends opponents. My phone and I had to have a DTR talk and we're kinda "on a break" right now. 8:26 PM Jan 18th

Sorting gummy vitamins has become something of a morning ritual around here. 5:44 AM Jan 20th

Baylor tied AT Kansas with three minutes left?? Way to go Bears! 7:53 PM Jan 20th

Two year old truth of the day: "sometimes it so hard to wait, Mommy". 8:14 AM Jan 22nd

"TRAC OFF", "VSC TRAC" and "check engine" lights on...continue running errands or turn around and go home?? I hate dealing with car issues. 2:37 PM Jan 27th

Been seeking appropriately tempting "poop bribe" for the little potty trainee. I believe wii have found it!

So much to do. So little motivation. And the weather isn't helping...I just want my couch, down comfortor and library book. 10:58 AM Jan 29th

Watching a Mr. Roger's show we borrowed from library...B is enamored. So lovely and calm compared to hyperactivity on TV. #officiallyold 12:53 PM Jan 29th

I know it is terribly unproductive, but I so adore a Sunday afternoon nap. Perfectly lovely. Night night! 10:30 AM Jan 31st

My parents want to rearrange so yesterday they offed this on us: Current skill level approx equals my 9 y/o self. 3:42 PM Jan 31st

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Apparently I Have a Blog

*ahem* this thing on? *tap tap* Is anybody out there?

So, yeah, it's been a while.

Last time I posted I was a young mom of a baby girl and two year old boy. Nearly four months later I'm a less young (watching the remaining days of my twenties slip through my sleep deprived fingers), mom of a walking, talking one year old girl and a chatterbox of a three year old (unless we are around other people, in which case my three year old is mute for at least one hour).

Dayton is sleeping restlessly, therefore I'm not sleeping. I've checked on her a couple of times and even tried a diaper change but she still isn't settled. So as I wait for a load of diapers to finish rinsing I'm contemplating taking her some meeds in case she's teething. And I grew bored of Facebook stalking so now I'm here.

(Reading that last paragraph if occurs to me that it is truly a tragedy that I have been too wrapped up in my life to stop and share such valuable, fascinating tidbits with the world. How have y'all survived without me?)

Things I've missed writing about and may or may not get around to documenting here for our family record (in no particular order):

Dayton turns one
Bennett turns three
Baylor basketball in the elite eight and our trip to the NCAA tournament games
Snow, snow and more snow
Potty training and related adventures
Baby Cole arrives and we love him
Dayton starts walking
My children display unusual amounts of cuteness, brains and talent

Truly, I've missed blogging and it drives me absolutely bonkers that I'm not going to be able to catch up perfectly. I'm in a daily battle against the procrastinating perfectionist inside my head that wants to take over my life and steal my joy. So, to prove she's not in charge I'm diving back into my online journal/brag book/photo album/creative outlet without even pretending to play catch-up.

So take that, annoying perfectionist girl.

And I hope to be back here soon.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Year Ago Tonight

I alternated between breathing through increasingly difficult contractions and kicking Jeff's tail in Wii bowling. Mom played photojournalist.

Later, our sweet doula, Kim, arrived. Labor was more difficult, the time for game playing was done. Jeff rested a while and Kim babied me.

It wouldn't be long before getting to meet our darling "Baby Dos"!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On A Less Contraversial Note

One thing having children is teaching this bleary-eyed night owl is to enjoy mornings a little more. Here are a few snapshots of recent (well, from early November) breakfast silly faces.

Love these goofy kiddos. What a blessed life I lead.